Antennas in my Yard

 Many people want antennas in their yard but can't afford them or perhaps some psycho neighbour objects to them.  In my case, I spent considerable time researching my neighbourhood before planting my antennas.  Every neighbour, right and left on my side of the street, and across, 3-4 houses each way are ENGINEERS (OK, some are software pukes, but we'll count them for now).  Why is this a good thing?  Because engineers appreciate the fine beauty in functional and precisely designed and manufactured systems.  Best neighbourhood I have ever lived in, and I am not moving!  Just ONE LIBERAL moves in within a mile, and 1.21 GigaWatts of RF energy will be tightly beamed and pointed to precisely the right location.  I can do this -- I have the antennas.

So, having said that -- lets take a tour of the antennas in my yard.


'Resting Antennas'  Here are a few antennas resting from duty.  We have a 14 element 2 meter circularly polarized satellite antenna and a 2 mtr linear phased vertical.  Very nice antennas, they have served me well and deserve a nice rest.  


Multi-functional antenna mast.  The white stick on top is actually a tri-band antenna used for ATV (Amateur Television).  It resonates on 146MHz, 430MHz, and 1.2Ghz.   The 11 element yagi underneath is a 70cm beam pointing to my ATV repeater (see for more on that).   Finally, the third antenna is a little 4 element 2 meter beam that I used to talk to the folks in Orlando.  It is about 70 miles away, so I need a little help from him.


Dual-band stick -- 145MHz / 440MHz  - just a general purpose guy -- handy to have around.


My DISCONE antenna -- discones can resonate an entire octave. with the little whip on top, this guy listens to 20MHz all the way up to 1.2GHz !!  Been in the family a long time.  If you have sharp enough eyes, you might notice a few elements missing.  The last couple of hurricanes has taken a toll on him.


The BasketBall antenna.  This is a 2meter linear phased vertical that outperforms the Orlando Majic when it comes to clear 2 meter FM communications.


Well, these are my little antennas -- click here to go see the big boys


W4RP -- a SpyderCat Production