IC-2720 Service Adjustments

ICOM Technote #925

Here is Icom's Technote #925.  It describes using the CS2720 cloning software to make internal adjustments to the radio.  

Caveat Emptor! 
Do these at your own risk -- if you kill your radio, call Icom, not me.

Update 2/2/06

Some notes:  I followed the instructions on the technote and everything seems to work as stated with one small clarification.    In the technote, they state to modify the shortcut to the CS2720 program by adding the adjust parameter like this:

C:\Program Files\Icom\CS-2720.exe FX-2492AdjustStart

It SHOULD, IN FACT, be like this:
(note the quotes around executable path and the space after .exe" )

"C:\Program Files\Icom\CS-2720.exe" FX-2492AdjustStart


ICOM's 'Infamous' Technote #925 - service adjustments





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