Cross Band Repeat Function

The ICOM IC-2720H supports cross-band repeat and
this feature may be activated by simple key strokes as follows:


To invoke this Cross Band Repeat:

bulletSet the frequencies
bulletPress LOW and DUP, then press SET for two seconds WHILE HOLDING IN THE LOW & DUP BUTTONS!

Two flashing "L"s will appear on the display

  To exit this function:  
bulletPress SET for two seconds

The VHF Freq must be programmed on the LEFT side, the UHF Freq on the Right

bulletPush Low and Dup at Exactly the same time (tricky)

WHILE holding them, next press the SET key for 2 seconds. (you have to push 3 buttons at once)


Make sure you press LOW and DUP at the same time.
This can be difficult -- if you don't, you will get the '
busy' light blinking -
you have put one channel into 'monitor' mode and it won't repeat despite the blinking '
Just clear it (press SET) and try again.

Here is a nice illustration provided by  Norm K7NCR


Note!  Achtung!

I have had several emails concerning cross-band repeat.
SOME U.S. models cannot perform the cross-band repeat,
and many, if not all, European models cannot.

According to Icom:
"Thank you for contacting ICom Technical Support.
Crossband repeat requires the removal of D2045. If the Diode is still
in your unit then we will be more than happy to remove it"

This Diode is located next to (left of) the two diodes that should be removed (D2046,D2047)
for the MARS/CAP extended transmit mod.   Go to that page (linked at the bottom 'Mods')
and remove ALL the diodes in that cluster of 8.  

BUT, this should NOT be a worry for almost all U.S. models. 
You should be able to use cross band repeat "out of the box"
without any mod to the radio.

bottom line:  cross band repeat function works fine!

10/09/03  I received several emails about this  in the last week or two (about 4 emails)
The instructions to push and hold Low and Dup and keep pushing them while holding down the SET key weren't clear
Hopefully,  I have cleared this up.


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