Equipment Manufacturers Reference Equipment Dealers
  ADI / PRYME RigPix   - Rig Picture Library AES  - Amateur Electronic Supply
  Alinco Coax Attenuation Charts Associated Radio
  Alpha Delta Data Sheets Austin Amateur Radio Supply
  Ameritron   Burqhardt Amateur Center
  Belden Wire&Cable   Ham Central
  Bencher Inc Ham Manuals / Modifications HRO - Ham Radio Outlet
  CableX-Perts   The Ham Station
  Comet Antenna Russian Manual & Software site (download free) Juns Electronics
  Communication Specialists Romanian Site (many manuals) (Download0 Lentini Communications
  Connect Systems German Mod Site / schem / pix  (site turned to crap $$)  
  Cushcraft Antennas Clegg Manuals   (download) R&L Electronics
  Cubex Antennas Russian Radio Schematics (download) Radio City
  DCI   RLS Electronics
  Diamond Antennas KR400 Elevation Rotator Manual   (download) Ross Distributing
  Gap Antennas KR500 Azimuth Rotator Manual  (download) Texas Towers
  Garmin Universal Radio
  Glen Martin Engineering    
  ICOM   Amateur Radio Supplies
  International Antennas    
  Isotron Antennas Repeaters


  K-Com Communications Specialists Parts /  Connectors / Cables /etc
  KENWOOD Computer Automated Technology MONOPRICE -- Cheap Cables
  Larsen Antenna Connect Systems CZ Labs - connectors/cable
  M2 Doug Hall Electronics Cable X-Perts  -- connectors/cables
  MAHA Communications FF Systems - controllers Cables To GO
  MFJ Hamtronics Computer Cables - (used to be) CHEAP
  MIRAGE Link Communications B&A Products
  PacComm Lloyd IO DX Engineering
  PolyPhaser Maggiore Electronics - HiPro Stainless Steel Hardware
  Ramsey Electronics   RF Parts, Inc
  SGC NHRC Controllers Radio Warehouse
Sangean Pacific Research Solutions West Mountain Radio
  SSB Electronics Racom HD Comuunications
  Timewave Tech/AEA S-Comm  
  Uniden   Hamcq.com
  Vectronics   Surplus Sales of Nebraska
  WestMountainRadio Repeater Builder Tech Info Action Electronics
  YAESU   All Electronics
    Repeater Builders Tech Ref Alltronics
  Snergy Clint's Repeater Builder Info Atex Electronics
  NCS Radio WA8DBW Repeater Info Circuit Specialists
  HAM SOFTWARE Instead of repeating all this wonderful info, here is AC6V's page for
    BULBS - Rare Lamps, projector Bulbs, enlarger bulbs, anything that lights up!

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